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Bible Study Groups

Sunday mornings: Watch and discuss Season 3 of The Chosen

Monday nights: Read through the Bible one book at a time

Wednesday mornings: Women's Bible study

Saturday mornings: Men's breakfast and Bible study

Monday Night Bible Study:
The Bible in 7 years

Mondays 6:30 pm, Zoom

Join Pastor Chuck as he walks us through the Bible book by book, drawing connections between Old and New Testament and exploring the significance of individual stories in the broader picture.

We're currently on the book of Daniel. No Bible Study experience is necessary, we would love to have you!

Catalysts for Christ:
The Chosen Season 3

Sundays 9:15 am, Deuhr Chapel

We will watch and discuss episodes of Season 3 of The Chosen together. Please join us!


Women's Scripture and Prayer Group (WSPG)

Wednesdays 9:30 am, Deuhr Chapel

Ladies are welcome to join us as we make our way through a new book and topic. Unforgiveness is a prison— mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In a world full of turmoil, many use forgiveness as a coping mechanism without understanding what true forgiveness is. Learn what forgiveness from Christ looks like, and how He forgives His people. No previous class or Biblical knowledge required, you should come!


Men's Breakfast and Bible Study

8:00 am Saturdays, Lower Fellowship Hall

Pete Schrank leads this weekend Bible Study for men every other Saturday morning in the basement Fellowship Hall, studying Things We Did Not Learn in Sunday School.

Feel free to attend!

English Breakfast
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